New Shear balers

THS Equipment Trading has more than thirty years of experience in the earth-moving industry and is a leading supplier of earth-moving equipment. What's more, THS Equipment Trading is a supplier of new and used shear balers. Since 2013, THS is an official supplier of Idromec shear-balers and shear balers.


Idromec has been supplying machines to the industry for more than fifty years. THS Equipment Trading compliments this experience with additional services and flexibility. We are in contact with you prior, during and after delivery of the machinery. Our team of specialised technicians will modify your new baler so that it meets your exact requirements. They are also ready to provide other services, such as the maintenance, technical modification or inspection of used and new shear balers.


In addition to new shear balers, THS Equipment trading also supplies a range of used balers from a variety of manufacturers, including Lindemann, Lefort and Sierra. A list of the equipment we have on offer is available at the following link.


You will find THS Equipment Trading located centrally off the A30 at Ede. We welcome you to come and visit us and see our range of new shear balers.